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Your Landlord Reference

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A landlord reference can be very important when applying for an apartment.  Many landlords will use a landlord reference, sometimes referred to as rental verification, to determine the risks from loss of income, damage to a property, and potential noise complaints.

Landlord references are used to provide the facts in an objective manner, not a way for a landlord to give their personal feelings about a resident.  The purpose of a rental verification is to determine if the person applying for an apartment is who they say they are, has paid rent on time in the past, and if any lease violations occurred during their tenancy.  The main questions asked on a landlord reference include things like, “Has the resident ever paid rent late?  If so, how many times?” and “Were there any disturbances or police calls regarding this resident?”  These questions will help the potential landlord determine if the applicant will cause financial or security problems to the property.

Some other questions are used to determine if the resident followed the rules set by the landlord in the lease agreement.  These types of questions could be, “Did the resident have any unauthorized occupants?” or “Did they have pets?”  Although it does not happen often, some residents try and get around paying additional fees or deposits for pets by not indicating to the new landlord that they have pets.  The same goes for residents who try and have an additional occupant living with them who does not meet the rental requirements.

Most residents do not have a problem getting a good landlord reference as long as residents are respectful of the property and other residents, pay their rent on time, and follow the rules set forth in the lease agreement.