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How to Make the Most of Small Spaces in Your Apartment

Madison Rentals10/27/17
How to Make the Most of Small Spaces in Your Apartment Featured Image

Making the most of the space you have

Whether it’s your first or your tenth, there is an air of excitement about moving into a new apartment in Madison, WI. Renting an apartment has a lot of excellent bonuses: you don’t need to worry about lawn care, you aren’t stuck with decades’ worth of mortgage payments, and if something breaks, you probably won’t be the one to pay for repairs. Unfortunately, convenience often also means a lack of space. Luckily, you can make the most of small spaces with just a bit of creativity.

Use Functional Room Dividers

Perhaps your new space is a studio apartment and you’d like to create some privacy for your sleeping space. Maybe your living room and dining room is one space that you’d like to separate. Flimsy room dividers are cheap but they lack function and may not last long — especially if you have a curious pet or child. Invest in sturdy bookshelves or a tall media center to use as a divider instead. The bookshelf doubles as storage space or the media center does double-duty to give your bedroom privacy while functioning for its intended purpose in your living space.

Buy Functional Furniture

Even if your apartment is of an average size, it may lack storage space. If you’re tired of stacking coats and shoes by the door or you could use extra storage for mementos you don’t want to let go of, buy furniture that functions as more than a place to sit and relax. Many ottomans and benches open up to include storage space that is perfect for stacking shoes and coats in when placed beside the front door. Search for beds that have built-in drawers underneath. These are perfect for holding clothes or shoes and can even store books or art supplies in a child’s room. If you already have a bed you love, consider purchasing storage containers to use underneath of it.

Get Rid of Clutter

Some people have more space than they realize. If you tend to keep everything in case you need it later, moving is the perfect time to declutter. Create four piles: keep, throw away, donate and sell. If something is broken or stained and you know you won’t repair it, toss it. If you no longer use something that is high value or has a lot of life left to it, choose whether to sell or donate it. Remember, certain donations are tax-deductible.

Look to the Ceiling

Maybe your apartment has more storage space than you realize. If you don’t have room to store items at ground level, consider using your space vertically. Look for space above cabinets, on top of the refrigerator and even at the top of your closets. Installing shelves up high makes it easier to store items in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. However, remember to check with your property manager first so you don’t lose your deposit if you decide to move. If you have particularly high ceilings, you may even be able to create a loft bedroom.

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