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Online Apartment Rental Applications Are Easy

Madison Rentals06/30/17
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Benefits of Online Apartment Rental Applications

The world is changing and so is the way renters search for their new apartments. Current market information is moving from print to online formats. In addition to searching for a new apartment rental, you can also pay the monthly lease, schedule maintenance and even fill out a new apartment rental application. At Gregg Shimanski Realty, Inc, we specialize in matching our clients with the perfect match. We also offer the latest in online amenities to make your search for a new home faster, easier, and cheaper.

The Old Way of Doing Things

Before the internet, new tenants had to make the time to physically visit a location. Busy agents could only meet with an individual client at once. The time you spent waiting in the cue, was time you weren’t out evaluating other options. These delays were particularly onerous on weekends.

Once you finally secure the attention of an agent, a tour of the apartment could possibly last up to an hour. If you liked what you saw, you were asked to fill out an application. This tedious task involved writing down lists of personal information and providing specific details that you may not remember at that immediate moment.

Each application you submitted came with a fee. Even today, the costs to run reports and verify information is still billed to the potential tenant. There was no guarantee of approval, and every individual application only qualified you for that specific location. If you applied at half a dozen or more apartments before you finally found a rental, those fees added up. You could spend several hundred dollars before you were done.

New Online Application Formats

An online apartment rental application eliminates much of the wasted time and costs. You just submit your application to an agent through a web browser, and you are considered for multiple units at once.

Although simpler, the same applicant information is still the same:

  • Personal contact information like your name, phone number, and current address
  • Work history and income verification
  • Past rental history and any problems with previous landlords
  • Credit rating and assets such as a vehicle
  • Potential criminal history

You also must authorize the background check and a credit report. This information is kept confidential and only used to determine if you qualify for the apartment.

Easy Process and Better Results

Using our online format and working with our specialists streamlines the process. With one application that you fill out from the comfort of your own home, we can find matches in our network. We require information only once for maximum effectiveness. We fit you to the best apartment rental in Madison, WI that best suits your specific criteria.

The information you provide is kept secure. To validate your identity, we have a unique signature pad that you can use to put your own mark on documents. Submit your application with your personal signature and avoid fraud.

It’s easy to get started. Just look through our available listings for something you might like. Then take a few minutes and fill out our online apartment rental application. One of our experts at Gregg Shimanski Realty, Inc will get working on your situation right away.