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Living in Madison WI

Madison Rentals08/09/17
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Why Choose to an Apartment in Madison?


When most Americans list the cities in the US they dream of living in, the names that come up most frequently are almost all clustered on the coasts. While a few inland towns like Denver and Austin have achieved hip city status in the public mind, the consensus among many is that opportunities gravitate to the coasts. However, those who ignore the Midwest miss out on all the opportunities and advantages offered by living in Madison, WI. Madison is a friendly, energetic, creative city with amenities for young and old alike. These are some of the reasons you might want to consider an apartment in Madison when you are looking for real estate.


Health care and a Healthy Lifestyle:

Madison is a healthy place. With lots of opportunities for outdoor sports, low smoking rates, and a culture that encourages breaking a sweat. While the goal is to stay healthy, Madison is also one of the best places in the country to be sick. It has a high ratio of hospitals to people, and a good pool of medical professionals.


It’s a “Best Of”:

A number of publications and other organizations have included Madison on annual Best Of lists. The Milken Institute called it the Best City for Aging in 2015. Men’s Journal named it the Best Small City to Live In in 2004 and National Geographic made it on of America’s Best Adventure Towns in 2009, to name just a few.


University of Madison:

The University of Madison is one of the most respected universities in the Midwest, and it gives a lot back to the community. The school hosts a NCAA Division I Big Ten Conference football team, and the campus regularly has low-cost art displays and performances to attend, and there are plenty of learning opportunities available even for non-students.


Jobs Are Growing:

Madison boasts high employment growth in a variety of industries. Even if you aren’t actively looking for a job, this benefits you as it contributes to the city’s low crime rate and relatively equatable income distribution.


It’s Affordable:

Compared to LA, San Francisco, New York, and others, living in Madison is inexpensive. A glut of new housing has kept rents relatively low. Food and other expenses are also cheap compared to many other cities.


A Green City:

If you care about the environment, Madison is the place for you. It has good air quality year-round, as well as a ton of parks, hiking trails, and other opportunities to experience the outdoors. Green jobs are available too, in growing industries such as sustainability and alternative energy.


Bike Safely:

Residents of Madison love to bike. In fact, a recent survey found that there are more bikes within the city limits than cars. This means increased bike safety even on major streets, and drivers who are courteous and know how to share the road.


No matter what you are looking for in a city, Madison is a great place to live. To begin your search for an apartment in the area, check out