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Keys and Security

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A landlord should take key handling very seriously, as it is a big part of security.

Look at your apartment keys.  If you see a DO NOT COPY stamp, it gives you added assurance that the keys are handled correctly.  No one can get copies made of these keys, except the landlord.  This ensures that your landlord knows exactly how many keys are issued and would be aware if all keys were not handed in upon a move out. If all keys weren’t handed in upon a move out, a landlord should replace the locks or rekey the locks.  This is the best action and ensures that your locks are secure.

The best key that landlords can invest in are FOB’s.  FOB keys are key-less entry devices that come in all different shapes and sizes. They must be programmed which ensures no copies are made without the landlord’s knowledge.  An added benefit is that a FOB key can be disabled if it is lost and will no longer work if found.  Also, users are specifically assigned to their own FOB, and all locks keep an entry log.  If there is ever a question of entry, it is trackable.   While FOB keys are wonderful technology for security, they can be quite pricey.

Be aware of how your landlord handles keys.  Start by seeing if your keys are stamped DO NOT COPY.  Then, read your lease for documentation on key handling.  And if all your questions are not answered, contact your landlord and ask.  It’s your security.  Know how it is being handled.