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How to Communicate Apartment Maintenance Requests

How to Communicate Apartment Maintenance Requests Featured Image

Your bathroom light above the mirror went out. Your refrigerator is making a strange noise. Your toilet is clogged.  These are common problems you might have when you rent an apartment. However, one advantage to living in an apartment is that some of these issues don’t have to be completely resolved by you. That’s what your apartment management and maintenance are there for. But how do you know which issues to handle yourself or which ones you should involve your management team with?

Many of the maintenance request submitted by residents can be fixed by the resident easily. Some of the most common maintenance matters you might face include clogged toilets or drains, beeping smoke detectors, and burned out light bulbs.  According to many plumbers, about 90% of clogged toilets can be working again after a few simple plunges.  Same goes for clogged bathtub drains, although using a drain plunger is recommended.  If plunging doesn’t clear a toilet, maintenance will most likely need to replace the flapper.

If you do have a maintenance issue that you cannot resolve yourself, contacting your maintenance team as soon as possible is always best.  Far too often, residents do not contact maintenance for whatever reason and what was once a small problem grows into something larger.  A small leak may seem inconsequential, but if left unresolved that can lead to mold and further damage which you will be responsible for.

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