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Getting Settled in your First Apartment

Madison Rentals10/27/17
Getting Settled in your First Apartment Featured Image

3 Tips for Setting Up Your First Apartment

Renting your first apartment is an exciting rite of passage as you begin your adult life. Spending your waking moments browsing apartment listings, checking out rental properties and imagining how you will decorate your space is a lot of fun. However, once you’ve created a budget, found the right place and signed on the dotted line, remember that you’ll also need to use a bit of logic as you set up your first time apartment.

1. Consider Where You Like to Spend Your Time

Even if you have a separate Pinterest board for each room of your new apartment, don’t allow yourself to start spending like crazy to furnish the space. First, consider where you plan to spend most of your time — that’s where you’ll want to put the most effort and money into furnishing the space. If you are someone who loves to cook and enjoys throwing elegant dinner parties, a beautiful dining table is probably important to you. If you’re someone who prefers to eat dinner in your pajamas as you binge-watch your latest Netflix discovery, you may not need a dining table at all. In fact, if your apartment is small, you might want to consider turning your dining area into a workspace by adding a desk or comfortable reading chair. Consider your bedroom situation as well. If you have a spare bedroom but don’t expect to have guests often, consider using it as storage space or buying an inexpensive futon for guests to use. However, never skimp on your own bed. A good night’s sleep is important for getting to work so you can afford your new space.

2. Be Realistic About Your Kitchen

Even if you do like to throw dinner parties, you probably don’t want to cook an elaborate meal every night. Some kitchen gadgets will be your best friend; others are probably unnecessary. Of course, you’ll want a microwave. If you rely on coffee to open your eyes in the morning, invest in a good coffee maker. A crockpot makes it easy for you to cook healthy homemade meals even on your busiest days. However, you probably don’t need a stand mixer, even if it looks cute on the counter.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Things Secondhand

From furniture to kitchenware and décor, you can find nearly anything you need secondhand and save yourself a ton of money. Many thrift stores have furniture departments and some even have entirely separate locations for their furniture items. Yard sales and garage sales are excellent places to find crockpots and kitschy décor. If you’re on a super-tight budget, you may even be able to find some things for free. Check out the free section on Craigslist or sign up for Freecycle in your area. However, if you do decide to make a transaction with an individual, be safe. Meet somewhere during the day when there is more likely to be lots of people around. You could also meet in the parking lot of your local police station.

Of course, before you can furnish and decorate and furnish your apartment, you need to find one. Gregg Shimanski Realty, Inc. shows a wide range of apartments in Madison, WI. Check out the listings and start your online application now.