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A quick guide to communicating with your Landlord

A quick guide to communicating with your Landlord Featured Image

When communicating both Tenants and Landlords rely on clear, honest communication. It is the best way to have a great relationship with your Landlord, we really are not the enemy.  This Landlord wants to provide you a place where you can call home and wants your experience to be a positive one.  There is an old saying, you can only fix things that you know about.  Don’t wait to let us know that something is wrong, in most situations it is too late.

A quick guide to communicating with your Landlord

Establish Expectations – Review your lease and ask for any clarification for things that you do not understand.  There are no gray areas in your lease. It is in writing for a reason, it is to protect everyone.

Speak Up Respectfully – If you are having any issues, bring them to your Landlords attention right away.  Whether it is a roommate issue, neighbor issue, problems paying your rent, or an unresolved maintenance issue.

Define an Emergency – Be sure you understand what constitutes an emergency.  No heat, no air, an non-contained leak, no utilities – should be handled immediately.  Remember things can happen.  Some things are out of a Landlord’s control.  No one wants an emergency, not a Tenant nor a Landlord.  However, all Landlords want to be made aware of situations that need immediate attention.

No vs. Yes – Sometimes your Landlord cannot say yes, remember that when you hear a no, it does not mean that they do not value your tenancy.

Communication shows transparency, respect, and understanding.  It is the key to a successful Landlord/Tenant relationship.  Communication is always preferred over silence.